Try This Simple Exercise to Train Explosive Power

By Wayne Burke

-February 19, 2016- Every lacrosse strength and conditioning program should contain exercises that train explosive power utilizing full body movements. There are a wide variety of ways to train this very important aspect of your program however, most players lack the technical knowledge to use proper Olympic lifts or they lack the necessary mobility to be able to execute these lifts safely.

Enter the Landmine Push Press.

This full body lift utilizes a lower body hip and leg drive to transfer force up through the chest and shoulder to help move the weight as fast as possible.  This lift also challenges your core control and trains your rotational stability by only loading one side of your body forcing you resist rotation and resist your shoulder dropping in order to maintain a good balanced athletic position.  Finally, by having the weight out on front of you it allows those with shoulder mobility problems to train a pressing motion without putting you in a position that might cause pain or a faulty movement pattern.

Try 3 sets of 5-8 reps per side focusing on maintaining a strong athletic position and trying to “throw” the weight away from you as fast a possible.

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