Rope Ripping Medicine Ball Throws

By Wayne Burke

– November 9th, 2015-

Medicine balls are a great tool to use in your training program to help develop explosive power.

Medicine ball throws teach you how to maximize your power output by utilizing your leg drive, weight transfer, hip rotation and balance to produce the greatest amount of force in the shortest amount of time.  The video below demonstrates just one of the ways you can utilize this awesome tool in your program.  This advanced throw is called the Rotational Push.


The key components of the Rotational Push are:

1.) Ball starts at chest height with the pushing hand directly behind the ball and the pushing hand elbow pointing straight behind you (push from your chest)

2.) The movement begins with a leg drive and stride directly at the target

3.) The force comes from the weight transfer from the back leg onto the front side with the back hip rotating and driving at the wall

4.) The push hand finishes the throw as your weight is transferred and accepted by the front side leg in a stable and balanced position

Note: Please don’t catch the medicine ball when doing your throws. I only did it for the sake of recording a short video

Medicine ball throws are explosive all out efforts. The key to effective medicine ball training is selecting an appropriate weight. The ball should fly at the wall in a straight line and make a loud sound.  If the ball labours to get to the wall or the movement doesn’t look fluent,then you probably need a lighter ball.

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