Developing Athleticism for Lacrosse Players

Sean Holmes

-November 18th, 2016-

I found this great post the other day on the US Lacrosse website titled Developing Athleticism for Lacrosse Players: Where to Begin?.

It’s a quick read and basic explanation of the physical attributes needed by a lacrosse player. My favorite part was this:

With proper physical training, foundational capacities are taught in a developmentally appropriate and progressive manner that will assist in learning and transferring those abilities into the essential lacrosse skills needed for improved performance and further, potentially play an important role in reducing the frequency or severity of various injuries among lacrosse athletes.

A great training program will have the following hierarchy of goals (as stated by renowned Strength Coach Mike Boyle).

  1. Decrease injury risk in training
  2. Decrease injury risk in competition
  3. Improve athletic performance

Yes improve performance is #3, because if the athlete is injured it does not matter how great their athletic characteristics may be. The biggest, fastest, most skilled player on the team contributes the least if they miss a season with a torn ACL.


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