Dan and Paul Dawson Preparing For The NLL Season

Dan Dawson

-December 9th, 2012-

Here’s a quick video of Dan and Paul Dawson training at The Dynamic Athlete, located inside the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (the TRAC).

Dan is doing weighted neutral grip pull ups with a 36 pound weight vest followed by med ball slams to utilize what is called post-activation potentiation. Basically it is a heavy resistance exercise followed by a power exercise using the same muscles to maximize power output.

Paul is performing Trap Bar Deadlifts and is pulling over 400 pounds!

It’s an impressive place to be when those guys are in there working.

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P.P.S. If you are anywhere near Oakville, Ontario and interested in training at The Dynamic Athlete please feel free to email me at sean@lacrossesc.com.

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  1. Jon Sprague
    5 years ago

    In lax, speed is absolutely essential, and one of the key components of building speed is lifting. Other sports specialize, yet keep hearing that lax coaches like multi-sport athletes. I think it takes away from the sport because players have no off season to concentrate on s&c. Thoughts?




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