Crossover Run: A Great Drill to Improve Your Agility

Crossover Run

By Sean Holmes

-February 18th, 2016-

The Crossover Run drill is a great and easy drill to add to any lacrosse training program.

The key is to keep the hips and shoulders square as you move laterally. This will allow you to be much more efficient changing directions as you won’t have to fully rotate the hips to move the other way.

It will also allow you to be in great position to sprint forward or backpedal if needed.

We use the hurdles as a guide and as the form improves we will increase the distance between the hurdles to really teach the athlete how to aggressively push through the edges of their feet instead of just picking their feet up.

Also notice how it’s important to transfer the weight to the inside leg as we decelerate to a perfect athletic position. Deceleration is the key to being fast when playing lacrosse, as it is usually the athlete that can decelerate and change direction (cut) the fastest that gets open or wins the race to the ball.

Check out the video and add this to your lacrosse strength and conditioning program. It’s very important to be strong, but you need to be able to move extremely well to be a great player.

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