CrossFit Rehab?

No to CrossFit

-July 20th, 2012-

You have to love how a website can try to shape a story to say something it doesn’t when it benefits it’s Corporate Sponsor/Partner!

I hope everyone is aware that Inside Lacrosse has a relationship with Reebok and therefore has to promote it.

I found an article on titled CrossFit Rehab with Jordan Hall. To be honest, CrossFit Rehab is an Oxymoron!

Ask any Rehab Specialist, they will all tell you they love CrossFit because it takes people who are generally healthy and in pretty good shape and eventually injures them so that they need treatment to continue on with their CrossFit workouts.

Anyways, just read the article and in it Jordan Hall himself says that CrossFit isn’t doing anything to rehab him. If that’s the case why is the article titled CrossFit Rehab?

In the first paragraph it says CrossFit is helping to speed up his recovery, yet later on Hall is quoted as saying “While not being specific to my injured leg…”.

I’m sorry but isn’t Rehab specific to the injury? So how then is CrossFit speeding up his recovery?

Maybe it has something to do with a different part of Hall’s weekly training schedule?

  • IL: What is your rehab workout schedule like?
  • Jordan Hall: “Three days of work with my Physical Therapist Phil at Merritt Athletic Club and three days on my own. Phil is hands-on and focuses on ice, stimulation, strengthening and flexibility. The other three days are where I squeeze in CrossFit to go along with the workouts on my own. I am trying to get in the pool more as there is some great “scenery” poolside.”

Don’t always believe what you read, and know who has a vested interest in what is being said.

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