Advanced Core Training For Lacrosse

Real 6 Pack

-May 15th, 2012-

Obviously core training should give you a better 6 pack than the guy in the photo and here is an exercise I use to help prevent against looking like him.

This exercise is called the Bodysaw. It is a very advanced version of the plank and is a great anti-extension exercise.

As I wrote in my article Core Training for Lacrosse (Death of the Crunch), core training for lacrosse needs to focus on stability, specifically anti-rotation, anti-flexion, and anti-extension.

A strong, stable core will allow force to be transferred from your lower body to your upper body with no energy leaks, creating more power in your shots and checks.

It will also create better posture and body control making you able to change directions faster.

The key is to maintain the natural curve of your spine and to imagine you have a glass of water on your lower back that you don’t want to spill.

You can use pieces of paper instead of a mat if training on rubber flooring so that your feet will slide easily.

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  1. Mike Mejia
    6 years ago

    Awesome drill, Coach Holmes! Really like the content you put out.



  2. Sean Holmes
    6 years ago

    Thanks Mike!

    Been following your stuff for a while. First discovered you in Men’s Health many years ago, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Was excited to see you started to write for Inside Lacrosse. We need more quality information getting out to players.





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