You Are An Athlete, Not a Bodybuilder!

Greg Valantino

-December 15th, 2011-

Too many lacrosse players are still training like bodybuilders. All over twitter I see updates from pro players saying they are going to crush chest and back today. Or even worse that they are really looking forward to training their arms that day, which always seems to be a Friday oddly enough!!

Body part splits do not make you a better athlete. Imagine a bodybuilder trying to run around playing lacrosse! Those guys look like they have trouble walking let alone being athletic.

So why as a lacrosse player would you want to train the way they train?

The enemy here is the commercial gym. They are designed around body part splits, with lots of machines grouped together based on which muscle group they train. The problem for you, the lacrosse player, is that you shouldn’t even be using any machines. When you play the game you aren’t on a machine. You control how you move, your movement isn’t dictated by a machine!

However if you are in a commercial gym and aren’t training like the masses you feel out of place. You feel like people are looking at you and judging you cause you are doing something different, something that they don’t understand. And you are probably right.

But would you rather be getting looks cause you are training like an athlete, improving yourself as a lacrosse player doing some ‘strange’ exercise like a Single Arm Snatch or a Turkish Get Up? Or because you are a typical commercial gym user doing this


Please make it because you’re training like an athlete!

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  1. Adam Gardner
    6 years ago

    I have probably read some of the same post and thought the same thing. I have always wondered how good myself and teammates could of been through University if we had a workout routine tht was specific to lacrosse players.

  2. Sean
    6 years ago

    Adam, Wow! You guys didn’t have workouts specifically for you? Did they just leave you guys to do stuff on your own?




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