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Lacrosse Workout Finisher

-May 25th, 2012-

Most training sessions end with some sort of Conditioning or Energy System Development, whether it be sprints or intervals on a bike depending on whatever you have available to you.

However depending on the time of year Conditioning may be counter productive to your goals.

Early in the off-season if you are trying to put on weight, extra Conditioning just burns calories making it that much harder to put on muscle.

Or in-season if the practice and game schedule is really busy you don’t need to put extra miles on your legs doing extra conditioning, especially if you are an older player.

So instead of traditional Conditioning, here is a Workout Finisher that you can use that is simple and requires no equipment so you can do it at home, in a park, or wherever you happen to be training.

It’s called a Countdown. You are going to alternate between Squat Jumps and Pushups starting with the #10. Here’s how it works:

Do 10 Squat Jumps, then immediately do 10 Pushups. Then do 9 Squat Jumps, then 9 Pushups. Then 8 and so on alternating all the way down to 1.

You are trying to complete this as fast as you can, but only as fast as you can with perfect form.

Which means no half pushups. No pogo jumps squats.

I use this to finish workouts with teams as well, it’s great to see them cheer and motivate each other as it it starts to get really tough!

Give it a try with your team or to finish your next workout and let me know what you think!

P.S. Enter on the right of the page to get NLL MVP Dan Dawson’s Strength Training Program for FREE. In Phase 1 of the program I would use this exact Countdown to finish one of his Training Sessions.

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