What is Your Motivation?

Danielle Spencer

-December 7th, 2011-

I saw this video last week and was impressed by it (well impressed by everything except the sit ups that is. You can find out why in my Core Training for Lacrosse article). Can’t say that I’ve ever seen a video like this featuring lacrosse, and certainly haven’t seen one featuring a female player before! It’s usually a Nike Michael Jordan commercial that is expressing this message!

Anyways, this is something I ask all my athletes the very first day I begin training with them. What is your motivation? What is your goal? Generally I hear the motivation and the goal are the same: to make a team or to win/defend a championship.

However the true motivation may be different than the goal. It might be to have your best statistical season ever. It might be to prove that you are the best player in the league. It might be to make your parents proud. It might be that you got cut from another team and want to prove that coach wrong.

Whatever your motivation is, that is the thing that will get you to push past your limits during a training session. That will be what pushes you to do more than your opponent.

So the question is: What is your motivation?



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  1. Jay Melhado
    6 years ago

    Coach Sean,

    Great message to the female athletes out there. Keep up the great work!




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