Wayne Burke is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Shift in Guelph, ON, and is a Sport and Exercise Management Graduate from Brock University.  Upon finishing his University degree, Coach Burke wanted to dedicate his professional career to teaching, coaching and leading young athletes to achieve great things. Using his experience as a Strength Coach for Twist Conditioning and as the Sports Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance, he developed his own training system which became the methodology and programming at Shift.  Since he began his career 14 years ago, Wayne has helped thousands of amateur, professional, NCAA, Olympic, World Champion and World Record holders reach their athletic potential.

Wayne played box and field lacrosse for 28 years, having tremendous success winning major championships at every level including the NLL, Junior, University and Senior lacrosse. Wayne has used his experience as a lacrosse player and coach, combined with his extensive knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning to create a unique and highly effective style of training to maximize players potential.  Teaching athletes of all ages acceleration/deceleration mechanics, multi directional skills and lifting techniques that help decrease injury and improve sport performance. This expertise has also given him the opportunity to work with some of the greatest lacrosse players to ever play the game.

Aside from his involvement as a player, Wayne has been involved in the game as a coach at both the minor and University level and as a camp counsellor, along with other professional players such as Colin Doyle.  He continues to contribute to the game as the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Buffalo Bandits and as the Rep Convenor of Guelph minor lacrosse. Wayne continues to develop athletes and coaches both from a technical level and from an athletic development level to help grow and improve the game of lacrosse.

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