Toronto Rock Lacrosse Training Tips: SB Leg Curl

by Sean Holmes

-November 27th, 2016-

Here is the latest from the weekly Lacrosse Training Tips video series I am doing with the Toronto Rock.

This week the exercise is the Stability Ball Leg Curl. It is one of the greatest exercises we use to improve hamstring strength and help reduce injury.

The #1 reason for hamstring injury is lack of strength. Flexibility is the #2 reason.

This exercise is great as it trains the hamstring for how it functions. The hamstrings are a Primary Knee Flexor (think buttkicker) but also work as a Secondary Hip Extensor (your glutes being the primary extensor).

By training the hamstring properly we can improve it’s eccentric strength and train the glutes and hamstrings to work together. I always tell the players if it feels like their hamstring is about to rip off the bone it means they are doing it right.

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