Toronto Rock Lacrosse Training Tips: Hip Mobility

By Sean Holmes

-December 10th, 2015-

Reducing the likelihood of injury of my lacrosse players is my number 1 job. It may be by increasing strength, teaching proper movement mechanics, or by improving flexibility and joint mobility.

In Episode 7 of my series with the Toronto Rock we show you the Split Stance Hip Extension/Flexion stretch that we use before every game, practice, and training session.

This stretch elongates the adductor (groin) muscles with the hips extended and flexed which has tremendous value as the real goal with this exercise is to reduce hamstring injuries.

Most athletes sit in lumbar extension, which means their pelvis is anteriorly tilted. With the hamstrings connected to the back of the pelvis, having it rotated forward causes the hamstrings to be pulled tighter.

Our goal with this stretch is to reset the pelvis and take the tension off the hamstrings to help reduce the risk of injury. This is one you definitely want to add to your program immediately.

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