Strength Training Hack- Slideboard Reverse Lunge

By Wayne Burke

-Novemeber 10th, 2015- Strength training is a crucial element to your athletic development. When a strength program is done correctly it should not only increase your strength but it should simultaneously increase the quality of your movements, increase range of motion and help prevent injury.  With so much information and so many exercises to choose from, it’s hard for most people to figure out what exercises to include in their program to help maximize both their performance and make the most of their training time.  Enter the Slideboard Reverse Lunge.

This is a great single leg strength exercise because it challenges the posterior strength (glutes and hamstrings) as well as, the quads of the stance leg. You also increase the rotational stability of both the core and the stance leg by holding one dumbbell or kettlebell in the off set position (think of holding the weight opposite the leg you are working), creating a asymmetrical load. You will also challenge the quad and hip flexibility of the leg that is sliding on the board.  This is a great exercise that gets a huge “bang for your buck”. This advance single leg strength progression can be used as both a main lift or an assisted exercise to help increase single strength to enhance speed and help reduce injury.


If you don’t have a slideboard, no problem.  You can also place your foot on a towel on any hardwood or tile floor to perform this exercise. You could also place your foot on a typical mat found at your gym to get the slideboard effect.

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