Strength and Conditioning for the Youth Lacrosse Player (VIDEO)

-October 25th, 2017-

Last week I posted a blog that included a video by Paul Rabil describing the various levels of training for lacrosse and what the goals should be.

Here is another video with some good descriptions of what a training program should look like or include for a young lacrosse player by Jay Dyer (Strength Coach at Johns Hopkins Lacrosse) and Ryan Carr.

Some of the key points it touches on are:

  • 8 Weeks is a good amount of time to see some results from training. Consistency is key. A good analogy is training is like farming. You spend 8 weeks tending to the crops but only at the end of it do you see results. Put the time in!
  • Year Round program: Although you can see results in 8 weeks the best have a year round program they follow to maintain and enhance all the improvements.
  • Movement Patters: Older athletes can be doing a Back Squat, the youth lacrosse player must first master a Bodyweight squat. Youth athletes should all know how to squat, hinge at the hips, and push and pull stuff properly.
  • Dynamic Warmups: Not just a warm up. It’s a chance for the Coach to assess the athletes to see how they are moving or areas they may be weak in. ie Poor ankle stability, tight glutes etc.

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