Speed Kills

Speed Kills

-December 20th, 2012-

I always tell the lacrosse players I’m training that being a better athlete, that being in better shape, that being faster or stronger than your opponent is worth 2 goals a game.

Whether it’s because you can win a race for a ball to gain possession, chase someone down on a breakaway, have an extra burst to beat your defender late in the game, be strong enough to push your opponent into a poor shooting position etc.

Now of course I have no way to actually prove my statement.

But here’s a video that gives you an idea of what I mean.

It’s of a player on the United States Rugby team, that isn’t actually a rugby player. He’s a track athlete, one of the 40 fastest men in the world.

And he dominates!

Now obviously lacrosse is a much different sport in that you can’t just take a sprinter with no stick skills and expect him to dominate like this, but it just shows you how being a better athlete than your opponent can make a huge difference in a game.

Train Hard. Train Smart. It can be worth 2 goals a game!

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  1. eric lynch
    4 years ago

    Trying to help my own teammates into getting faster and stronger




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