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Ryan Benesch Lacrosse

-December 1st, 2011-

Ryan Benesch is the #1 pick from the 2006 draft, the 2007 NLL Rookie of the year, and the current defending NLL Scoring Champ.

Impressive resume!

Recently he answered questions from fans for Inside Lacrosse’s Fan Zone.

Here is one of the questions Ryan was asked:

Chris D. from Frederick, Md.:
What drills do you use to practice and stay in shape during the offseason?
I do a lot of footwork and running during the offseason. I don’t do many stick drills because I’m always either playing or practicing with Minnesota or the KW Kodiaks. I recently hired a personal trainer, Sean Holmes (who used to play lacrosse), to improve my speed and strength.

Thanks for the plug Beni! (Although…used to play lacrosse? C’mon bud, I rocked it all summer with the Owen Sound Woodsmen into the Ontario Finals! I’ll have to send him some of my game tapes)

The best players in the world are training to be even better! They are not satisfied with what they have accomplished in the past, only on how they can improve even more and Benesch is a great example. After a career year he has committed more than ever to his offseason training.

If you aren’t working hard to improve and don’t have a plan on how to get to where you want to be, you are being left behind. The game is changing and being in decent shape is no longer good enough!


P.S. Check out the rest of the questions Ryan answered in Fan Zone.




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