Progressive Plyometrics- Lateral Phase 3

By Wayne Burke

-December 4th, 2015- So far, we have introduced the foundation of true plyometric training in part 1 and part 2.  In this video we introduce a small bounce to a lateral drill to teach the athlete to use a small hop, which when we land soft stretches our muscles, to help produce increased force and maximum power.

You want to make sure that the emphasis is on a soft landing and that we spend as little time on the ground as possible when going from the small hop to the maximum effort lateral push as displayed below.

Using the stretch we get from absorbing the force from that small landing to help produce maximum force, this is the stretch shortening cycle, is true plyometric training.  We want to make sure we minimize the amount of time we take from when we stop or slow down to when we jump or push off.  The shorter the time between those 2 actions the greater the force.

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