Progressive Plyometrics- Lateral Phase 2

By Wayne Burke

-November 18th, 2015- Here is the next video in the Progressive Plyometrics series.  In part 1, you would have learned that jumping up onto a small step or box will help teach you both jumping and landing mechanics by reducing the force of gravity.   Mastering those 2 skills serve as the foundation for every plyometric drill moving forward.

The next phase, we remove the use of the box. This will challenge and train your eccentric strength, balance and body control because you will be falling further and thus, the force of gravity will be greater. The idea is to still extend the the ankle, knee and hip on the push off and you are looking for a soft, quiet and controlled landing.

I chose to include a lateral bound and stick in the video below (I love how the video has paused to show me flying through the air, NBD).  I chose this video to show you that it is a challenging drill and not every landing I do here is perfect.

At this point we are still learning how to jump and land. We have yet to get into true plyometric drills.  You should spend 2-3 weeks in each phase or progression to make sure you have the proper mechanics and foundation before you move onto more challenging variations.

You should also include linear or straight ahead jumping and landing to train all planes of motion.  I will provide examples of linear plyometric progressions in my next post.


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