Progressive Plyometrics- Lateral Phase 4

By Wayne Burke

-January 12th, 2016- A few weeks back I posted a phase 3 lateral plyometric progression.  At this point I have introduced jumping and landing basics along with the very first steps of true plyometric training.

As you move through plyometric progressions, you should begin to first add multiple or consecutive jumps or hops, then you add the increased force of gravity. When you begin to add these variations, it’s important to continue to land softly and limit the ground contact time to get the full training effect.  This is when we start to introduce bounding.

Bounding drills are drills where we start to perform multiple hops without stopping. Bounding drills should be progressive, starting with a single bound and stick:

Then you can begin to add multiple bounds to drills:

Bounding drills can be performed laterally, linearly and on different angles and planes.

It’s important to remember that in order for these drills to be effective and have a true training effect, the hopping and landing must be maximum effort while spending as little contact time with the ground as possible.  These drills should only be done for 5-6 reps per leg per set for a total of approximately 25-30 hops per leg, per training session.

If you find that your not bouncing off the floor or landing in a perfect position during your drill, you will have to regress back to an easier progression.


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