Preventing Lacrosse Injuries

Lacrosse Injuries

-November 29th, 2011-

Yahoo! Sports recently posted an article listing 3 ways for an athlete to avoid injuries while playing lacrosse.

The first 2 are common sense. Know the rules and wear proper equipment. If you’re playing the game I hope you already have those covered.

But the 3rd is the one that is important. Condition and Train All Year Long!

Preseason training receives all the attention and focus, and for good reason as everyone wants to be at their best when the season starts. Too often though the second the season starts players stop training. From the article: ‘If an athlete only trains and conditions right before lacrosse season begins, then he or she is more likely to suffer injuries, especially overuse injuries.’

Basically, in a year most athletes are only really training for lacrosse for 8-12 weeks. Imagine how much better you could be if you just doubled that amount? Or tripled it?

A good training program is structured, has a goal and a plan on how to get there, and varies in intensity and focus depending on the time of year. While the most gains can be made in the off-season, the training doesn’t end there. I did a 3 part series for Inside Lacrosse earlier this year on In-season training (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

If you want to stay healthy, Condition and Train All Year Long!

P.S. If you want to see what a structured training program looks like, just enter your email on the right to get NLL MVP Dan Dawson’s 2011 pre-season strength training program free!


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