One Example Why I Don’t Like CrossFit for Lacrosse Players

No to CrossFit

-December 2nd, 2011-

I have long advocated that CrossFit isn’t the way any lacrosse player should train to get better at their sport. CrossFit is a sport in itself, not a way to train for another sport. Well I went on Facebook today and in my feed Coach Rashad Devoe posted this video of some CrossFit training:

From the youtube description of the video this is ‘veteran CrossFit athletes’ supervised by ‘Certified Strongman Coaches’. Seriously?!?

I thought it was a joke at first. No way could people actually encourage and allow form like this when lifting! In fact I didn’t even think this was a real exercise but in CrossFit it is (an Axle Clean and Jerk). This is just injury waiting to happen.

I know that this one video isn’t representative of all CrossFit, however the fact it represents any of it is alarming. It scares me to think of a high school lacrosse player wanting to get better and being taught this. It’s risking injury every lift!

I train pro lacrosse players. What would happen if one of them got injured training with me because I had them do a ridiculous lift like an Axle Clean and Jerk and they had to miss the season?

The first rule for a strength coach is Do No Harm! Unfortunately I think this rule gets overlooked in the CrossFit world!


P.S. I had the pleasure to see Coach Devoe speak at the 2011 US Lacrosse Convention. If you get a chance at the 2012 Convention make sure you check him out, he’s an awesome presenter and a great guy. Also, If you want to learn a ton of information on training for lacrosse from the top experts in the field check out Lacrosse Training Experts


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  1. Corey
    5 years ago

    The crossfit box I work out at is filled with a variety of varsity athletes and even a pro lacrosse player. They are professional and great at correcting form. It’s got to be better than lifting weights with a friend at a regular gym. I’ve witnessed a large number of ineffective lacrosse coaches over the years and some who lead practices which are not safe. Maybe no one should play lacrosse. It would be wise if you did a little more research.

  2. Sean Holmes
    5 years ago

    Corey, thank you for taking the time to comment.

    You are correct that there are coaches who lead ineffective and unsafe practices. I don’t agree with those as well. Why risk hurting players in a training/practice session so they have to miss games? What’s more important?

    The fact is lacrosse can be a dangerous sport and injuries will happen. However just because you can get hurt playing lacrosse doesn’t mean you should risk getting hurt training for lacrosse.

    I train a professional team. If I hurt even 1 of those players in the gym and they have to miss a practice let alone a game I have failed at my job. I failed the team and I failed the player because that is money they aren’t making.

    It is my job to keep them as healthy as possible. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are if you are hurt you aren’t helping your team. Why take any risk in the gym? Why rush through random exercises to get them done as fast as possible and risk hurting yourself?

    Why not have a periodized training program that allows for each workout to build upon the last? Have a plan as to where you are going instead of randomized exercises to be completed as fast as possible?

    What research would you recommend I do? I know all about CrossFit and it’s training methodology. I myself have done CrossFit WOD’s as I only talk about stuff I have tried.

    Thank you again for commenting!




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