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-March 21st, 2012-

I’m down in Orlando right now on vacation, enjoying the sun (but not too much, I’m lathering up the suncreen every 2 hours!).

I’m going to be on vacation for 10 days, and being away from home can lead to many bad habits and laziness. And gaining 10lbs if you aren’t careful.

Since I’m on vacation I will be taking some time off from serious training.

But I won’t be taking time off from training.

Workouts do not need to be 2 hours long. If you stay focused and have a solid plan you would be amazed with all that you can accomplish in 45 minutes.

I’m planning to get in 5 workouts over the next 10 days on vacation, but they won’t be long. Short, high intensity training sessions using circuits to get as much done as possible.

Here’s an example of a circuit that maximizes time to get as much as you can done by training different physiological characteristics.

Hang Cleans to develop Full Body Power, Cross Body Knee Drives for Core Stability, and Hip Internal Rotation Stretch for Hip Mobility.

By alternating these exercises you are allowing your body enough rest to get the most out of each exercise, while getting as much done as possible.

Well, I’m off to Hollywood Studios in a matter of minutes but just finished one of these training sessions. I feel ready to go, and got my swole on before hitting the park!

Give it a try and see your workouts improve in quality and decrease in length!

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