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-May 17th, 2012-

I try not to be negative about things I see on the internet as much as I can.

But this time I can’t resist, because I have to actually question if the Strength Coach can hear himself talk.

He’s literally talking about things in the video that aren’t happening.

His description of what they should be doing is alright, but it’s nowhere close to what they are doing!

Talking about how they put a chord in the rack so that everyone knows that they have to get full depth in the squat, that their thighs are PARALLEL to the ground!

Did any rep get anywhere close to parallel? They know what parallel means right?

It’s not just this video that upset me, it is the combination of all the other videos that were posted HERE. I see those videos are from late 2009 and can only hope that the entire Strength and Conditioning Department at Maryland has changed their entire philosophy since.

They have 4 different types of Crunches shown! Obviously not in agreement with Death of the Crunch!

And honestly, don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of the next video.

Barbell Bicep Curls. Everybody does the same weight, regardless of their size or strength.

And then he admits he doesn’t mind their form being horrible.

(Head Shake)

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  1. josh funk
    6 years ago

    Athlete wearing a belt doing half squats at a submaximal weight was enough for me to turn the 1st video off . Partner pass-off curls don’t warrant a comment IMO

  2. Sean Holmes
    6 years ago

    Thanks for commenting Josh!

    I really hope for the players sake that the philosophy has changed. I still can’t believe that’s an NCAA Strength program that these videos are from.

    Poor kids.




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