Lacrosse Training: Turkish Get-Ups

Turkish Get Up

-March 8th, 2012-

The Turkish Get-Up is a very technical and difficult exercise.

I use this exercise as a core training exercise but it works the entire body and helps develops shoulder stability.

This exercise is extremely tough, and I place it near the end of the workout for my athletes.

They all HATE IT!!!

However it just has too many benefits for me to not include it their programs. The fact that they hate it also helps develop some mental toughness.

They are forced to struggle to complete an exercise they dislike at the end of a tough weight training session.

Key Points: Arm stays straight the entire time, weight stays above the head, and look at the weight. Don’t skip or rush any of the steps of the exercise.

The Steps are:
1. Sit up to hand
2. Get hips up as high as possible (key point)
3. Bring leg through till you are kneeling
4. Kneel tall.
5. Stand up.
6. Back down to same knee
7. Reach for the ground
8. Hips up, sweep leg through
9. Lay back down.

That is one rep. I usually have my athletes perform 5 reps on each side, although sometimes we will drop down to 3 reps per side.

If you want a challenge in the weight room, give this a try! Let me know what you think of this exercise too!

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