Lacrosse Training Aid: Subliminal Self-Hypnosis

Lacrosse Training Hypnotist

-July 5th, 2012-

This just made my day.

Bravo Internet, once again you’ve outdone yourself.

Below is a video from youtube (so it has to be good right?).

I guess it’s supposed to somehow Subliminally Self-Hypnotize you into becoming a better lacrosse player.

Hopefully this will prove to many just how ridiculous some stuff on the Internet is.

Personally it made me want to sleep. I just pray to God that I didn’t actually go under the spell.

I saw a hypnotist show on my cruise this year, scared I’ll find out 3 hours from now that the other trainers here were messing with me making me do weird stuff.

P.S. Anybody else get lost in the baby blues of the guy in the picture? WOW!


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