Lacrosse Conditioning/Power Endurance Circuit (Video)

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-June 29th, 2012-

Here’s a video of a circuit I completed in my workout yesterday to end the training session.

I used this circuit to replace traditional Conditioning or Energy System Development work like Shuttle Runs or Intervals for 2 reasons:

  1. I am currently In-Season and at the age of 33 I don’t need any extra pounding on my joints the day before a game doing a high volume of sprints
  2. It helps to train Power Endurance at the same time preparing me to be able to perform at a high level for longer during a game

The circuit consists of 10 Overhead Med Ball Slams (5 stepping with each leg), 6 Bench Jumps, 20 yard Bench Push, 20 yard Bench Pull.

(sorry for the poor quality of the video, I filmed it with my phone…it’s an Android, NBD.)

I completed the circuit 5 timesĀ  with a 1:1.5 work:rest ratio meaning if the circuit took me 60 seconds to complete I rested for 90 seconds and during my rest would perform a hip flexor stretch.

(the video is of my 5th rep although with the height I got on my first Bench Jump in it I don’t blame you if you think I’m lying…look at me get up there!)

The Bench does not glide smoothly over the turf at all providing alot of resistance in both the Push and Pull, and the Pull really makes the Quads burn when they are already tired from the previous exercises.

This is a great circuit that you can try as an alternative to conditioning. If you don’t have access to stuff like this be creative.

Include Farmers Walks, Lateral Bounds, Kettlebell Swings, Rope Battles, Rotational Med Ball Throws, Split Squat Jumps etc.

The possibilities are endless. Have some creativity, have some fun, and work smart and hard to improve your game!

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