Increase Your Shot Velocity

Med Ball Training

-February 17th, 2012-

Medicine Ball Training is a great method for increasing strength and power through your hips, core, and shoulders.

These are key areas to work on when trying to improve the velocity of your shot and should be including in every Lacrosse Training program.

While there are a ton of great exercises you can perform with only a Med Ball and a concrete wall, my favorite for increasing shot velocity is the Shuffle to Push Pass.

The Shuffle to Push Pass trains your body to transfer force from your lower body through your hips to your upper body, exactly as you do when you shoot in a game. Notice how similar this exercise is to how you practice shooting!

The weight of the medicine ball isn’t as important as the speed it travels when you release it. This is a power exercise and therefore it should be quick and explosive. Make sure you perform the exercise from both directions so you don’t just train one side.

Every time you throw the med ball you should be trying to put it through the wall. I tell all my athletes if they break the ball they get to keep it as a trophy of their power!

Try adding this exercise into your training, performing 3 sets of 6-8 reps each side and you’ll quickly see you’ll be firing the ball harder than ever before!

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