I’m Back to Promote Lacrosse Training Baby!

-August 31st, 2017-

I apologize. I’ve been busy with my brick and mortar business in Oakville, Canada: The Dynamic Athlete.

But I’m at the point now where I know I have the time to get this site back up and running and be the leader in Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning again.

Expect some big things. I will be getting the newsletter going again soon with a free lacrosse training program from one of my top athletes if you sign up. I’ll be updating this a few times a week with links to lacrosse training ideas from other experts, my ideas, videos etc. If it’s Lacrosse Training related, I’ll be on top of it.

I will be providing you with my take on all the latest lacrosse strength training news, lacrosse workouts etc.

I will be showing you what I am doing with my lacrosse athletes currently. I already have an instagram set up and when we really kick into full gear you’ll be able to see Pro/NCAA/Youth laxers training in real time.

The NLL season is soon approaching so all my Toronto Rock players will be in and I can give you a direct look into our preseason training.

I’m excited as this was my baby over 5 years ago before I opened my own gym and I want to get back to it.

If you have ideas, questions, anything you want to see here let me know!

I look forward to spreading the lacrosse training message!

(Did I mention I’m a huge WWE Fan?)

Sean Holmes, CSCS
Strength Coach, Toronto Rock
Owner, The Dynamic Athlete

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  1. Joey Bus
    5 months ago

    What do you recommend to do on a long and hard bus trip. How would you release yourself ? Asking for a friend ….or not




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