IL Gear: Unhappy Campers Part 2: The Anti-Bootcamp Workout

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-June 22nd, 2012-

A few weeks ago IL Gear had a great article by Mike Mejia about how ‘bootcamp’ style training isn’t the best option for lacrosse players.

Yesterday he posted Part 2 of the series and I highly recommend you check it out here: Unhappy Campers Part 2

In the article Mike provides an example of a great circuit that you can do.

The circuit isn’t about doing as much as you can as fast as you can like in CrossFit.

It’s about doing things properly and having a plan.

In a previous blog post I mentioned The 7 Categories of Exercises you need to include in your strength training program.

Sure enough, Mike has every single category covered in his circuit!!

Let’s take a look:

  1. Vertical Push-Split Jerk
  2. Horizontal Push-Push up with Elevation Change
  3. Vertical Pull-Pull-Up Burpee Combo
  4. Horizontal Pull-TRX Row
  5. Hip Dominant-Unilateral Romanian Deadlift with Reverse Fly combo
  6. Knee Dominant-Multi-Directional Lunge
  7. Rotary/Rotary Stability-Band Woodchop

It’s so basic yet so great!!!

Reps are kept to a reasonable amount so that form isn’t compromised.

The order of exercises allows for muscles to recover while a different movement is trained.

Add in the Hang Clean (full body power) to start the circuit and you have an extremely well rounded, all encompassing circuit.

By using so much muscle, this circuit will be extremely difficult to do.

Yet it is building you up, not just breaking you down.

Great Job again Mike, please keep spreading the message of smart training!

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  1. Mike Mejia
    6 years ago

    Hey Sean,

    Can’t thank you enough for spreading the word about my articles!

    I’m loving the content on your site as well. Funny, I read your article on the 7 categories (great read, by the way) AFTER I wrote the second installment of Unhappy Campers.

    Like they say…great minds 😉

    Thanks again for all of your support!






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