I Found an Article with a Great Title and Very Little Quality on Lacrosse Training

-August 31st, 2017-

I was searching the web as I always do in regards to lacrosse training and found an article titled:

Effectively Using Weight-Training to Improve Lacrosse Skills.

So obviously I clicked on it as I am most certainly an advocate of Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning, although I am suspect on weight training improving the skills portion.

If they are going to explain movement skills I’m all in. If they refer to stick skills, or understanding the game by lifting weights I’m all out!

Well they described a full body routine that includes: “leg presses, bench presses, shoulder press, dumbbell raises, arm pull downs, pull-ups and calf, back, arm and wrist curls”

WOW!!!! I don’t even know where to start.

So let’s just jump in:

Leg Presses: as a lacrosse player I hope you are never on your back pressing up with your legs. I’d rather you squat, or single leg squat, or Lateral Lunge. Anything with free weights is better.

Bench Press: While I do use this there are better alternatives like Dumbbell press or even difficult variations of pushups.

Shoulder Press: I don’t mind this as Vertical pressing is a main movement of the body but make sure it’s free weights and add some instability first, like a half kneeling Single Arm Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Raises: Isolating the Medial Deltoid? When does that happen in lacrosse?

Arm Pull Downs: What are arm pull downs? Do they mean Lat Pull Downs? If they do they aren’t near as benificial as…

Pull-Ups: Now we are talking! Best exercise listed so far!

Calf, Back, Arm and Wrist Curls: Training your calf is isolation. Arm curls are isolation. Wrist Curls are Isolation. No clue how Back is mentioned in this group. Isolating muscles is bodybuilder stuff, not athlete stuff.

Train Movements, Not Muscles and you will see 10 times the results on the field!

Anyways, I guess I got upset I had to read the full article which delivered zero content.

Sorry for making you do the same!

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