I Can’t WANT It For You

How Bad Do You Want It

-March 20th, 2013-

It’s tryout time here in Canada for minor lacrosse players.

That means it’s crunch time. It also means that for the past few months I’ve had many kids working with me to prepare for the tryouts and the season to follow.

I’m lucky. The majority of the kids I deal with are motivated and have a goal in mind.

In my new facility (The Dynamic Athlete inside the Toronto Rock AC), athletes can see pros training, or practicing on the floor while working out to motivate them.

These kids are Gold and are seeing great results.

Yet after all this time of training with some of the athletes I am still having trouble getting through to them.

Yes they are getting stronger. Yes they improved their mobility. But there’s still something missing, and it’s always the Conditioning that separates them from the others.

These are the athletes I have to explain the title of this post to.

I Can’t Want it For You!

I can give you all the right exercises and drills. I can make all the corrections for you. I can teach you how to apply force. I can teach you how to run faster. I can push you to get stronger. I can’t force you get out of your comfort zone.

During the Conditioning at the end, when you’re tired, sweating, the legs are burning, I can’t make you push past what you think is your limit.

At some point everyone reaches the point that they are tired and want to slow down. That want to do the next interval at 90%. Or 80%.

This is where the title comes up. I Can’t Want It For You!

The elite players realize they are at that point and work harder to push past it. To ignore human nature to save energy, to work harder to fight through the pain of being tired and create new limits.

You are capable of so much more than you think! Next time your body says your tired, fight through one more conditioning rep and then realize that’s your new limit. Next time, fight through that one and one more!

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”-Thomas Jefferson.

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