How To Turn Your Strength Into Power-Part 2

Baby Deadlifting

-December 22nd, 2011-

Part 1 of this series explained that Complex Training is a great way to turn your strength into power immediately before your lacrosse season starts. Complex Training is a superset where you perform a high-intensity strength exercise and follow it with a similar plyometric exercise.

Today’s pairing is another lower body grouping (as a lacrosse player it is much more important to be training your legs than your upper body!). This series was originally done for and focused on the program I had for Dan Dawson prior to the 2011 NLL Season. The pairing in that article was Romanian Deadlifts as the strength exercise and Broad Jumps as the plyometric exercise that followed.

I prefer to combine conventional Deadlifts rather than the Romanian Deadlifts with Broad Jumps. I prescribed Romanian Deadlifts For Dan as it’s a safer lift for him than conventional Deadlifts due to his height. At 6’5″ the starting position of the Deadlift puts his lower back at risk by having to bend so low, and the first rule of the strength coach is ‘Do No Harm!’

If you are experienced and can perform the Deadlift properly try combining it with Broad Jumps to help you create maximum horizontal power. Running is a horizontal power activity so this will directly transfer to your lacrosse performance.

As you watch these videos, notice the similarity of the movements as the hips extend forward in both exercises even though they happen at much different speeds. It is this similarity that makes this pairing so effective

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