Hofstra Strength and Conditioning

by Sean Holmes

-November 6th, 2015-

I found this article today about the Strength and Conditioning program at Hofstra. Two things stood out to me in it:

  1. The athletes commit 5 hours per week purely to Strength and Conditioning.
  2. The lacrosse team has a test called the “Hofstra Custom Test’ or Red Zone Test

I always tell the high school players I work with that once they commit, the work just begins. Because when they show up on Campus they are competing with Seniors who have been spending 5 hours/week for 4 years in the gym. That’s a lot of strength, speed, and power work that they are behind on.

If you do not train before the day you arrive on campus, not only will you be 4 years younger and 4 years behind, but they may not even let you lift a weight for a few months while they teach you technique and you’ll fall further behind.

Secondly, I need to know more about this Hofstra Custom Test!! I can’t find anything online about the details but I will continue to search.

Lastly, I did find this video of Hofstra training in the winter. Could you compete with these guys?

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