Core Training for Lacrosse: TRX Whack-A-Mole (VIDEO)

TRX Training

-August 30th, 2012-

Here’s a great new Core exercise I’ve been using lately.

It’s called a TRX Whack-A-Mole because it reminded me of playing that game at arcades or amusement parks (I was never in to it, more of a Galaga guy myself).

This exercise trains both anti-rotation and anti-flexion of the core (for more info on that click Core Training for Lacrosse) at the same time which is why it is becoming a favorite of mine. Great bang for your buck value.

It’s an advanced exercise but if you are up to it there are great benefits to your lacrosse performance including increased shot power, improved agility, and greater stability to not be pushed around.

The keys to the exercise are to embrace the lean so that you are trying to fall to the ground as you extend your arms overhead. Your core will work to keep your body in that straight line.

You will feel a pull in your side furthest from the TRX that will begin in your side and move upwards in your abs as you raise your arms. Feet should be in a straight line with your outside foot forward.

If you don’t have access to a TRX you can perform this exercise standing in an athletic position using an adjustable cable machine. In that case you won’t be leaning just holding the handle at the midline of your body performing the same movement with your arms.

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