5 Advanced Core Exercises Lacrosse Players SHOULD Do (VIDEO)

Core Training For Lacrosse

-September 15th, 2017-

The other day I posted a blog on 3 Core Exercises a Lacrosse Player Should Never Do but then found this video with 5 Core Exercises that I love and think that every Lacrosse player should do.

The tweet said it best “The job of the core is to transfer energy, not create it”

Again, it all goes back to the word Anti in core training. Anti-Rotation, Anti-Flexion, Anti-Extension.

The video below that I found demonstrates this perfectly. Watch all 5 and notice that the pelvis stays locked to the ribs the whole time, the back stays flat and there is no rotation.

These are perfect, and yes advanced, core drills for a lacrosse player. The ability of the core to transfer force from the lower to upper body without any leaks will make you shoot harder, hit harder, and run faster.

So basically become a better lacrosse player!

Try them out and let me know what you think.

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